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July - Smoky Mountain Orchid Society Meeting 7:00 PM.

Mark Reinke’s (Marble Branch Farms) program is entitled “No Greenhouse, No Problem!”   His presentation begins with an overview of current best practices for “windowsill” culture and a look into how LED lights can revolutionize growing fantastic blooming orchids in the home.   Then he covers examples from all the major genera that he has found to do well in a variety of environments and are worth seeking out, including some surprising orchids that will grow well always sitting in water, making them easy to maintain in the house or on the patio.

 August  Smoky Mountain Orchid Society Meeting 7:00 PM.

Rich Gettings will discuss hydroponics and alternate media in orchid culture.  We want to make this an interactive discussion so bring your ideas and an example of your orchid that is being grown hydroponically if you have one. If you have any other unusual orchid culturing method, please share it with the group. 

 September .Smoky Mountain Orchid Society Meeting 7:00 PM. 

“Catasetum Species, Hybrid and their Culture’ by Fred Clarke Sunset Valley Orchids.(see link below)

Bio Ctsm species and hybrids and culture.pdf 

November - no meeting

December -  Christmas Dinner








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