Ken & Georgia's orchids Ken & Georgia's orchids Cat. Vallzac "Evelyn" 111154725 Centradenia 111372133 Centradenia 111372434 Den. goldschmidtianum 111372435 Cymbdium unknown 111631711 Phal. schilleriana 111780169 Cymbidium maditum One of Bob L's species. Has 5 spikes. 112414849 Cym. Florida Flamingo "Pink Passion" One of Milt Carpenter's plants (Everglades Orchids -out of business) 112415711 Ascnda. Pine Rivers "fuschia delight" 112555726 Phal. Aurelia Franklin 112555727 BLC Toshie aoki X Tokyo Magic 112756402 Cym. Sweetheart "Sensation" 113769113 Cm. Sweeheart "Sensation" 113769114 Vandirea Newberry Jasmine 113770763 114437532 114437533 114438431 114438432 114438433 115213464 SLC Newberry Radiance X SLC Precious Katie 1st bloom seedling 115214047 Den. Hilda Poxon X den. kingianum Will brought this back from Australia 115379899 Den formosum 127659658 127659659 127659660 Coel. Bufordense 127659661 Cat. intermedia X LC Mem Robt Strait Mislabled on purchase, after discuusion with RF Orchids determined this is the cross. Robt Strait is C. walkeriana X LC Wayndora originally crossed in 1950. 127659662 Den. thyrsiflorum 127659663 ascnda Princess Mikasa "Indigo" 127659664 Ionopsis utriculariodes 127659665 Catt. Snow Queen 138195779 Stanhopia species 138195780 Paph. purpuratum 138195781 Catt. trianiae 146014878 C. trianiae Just purchased from Bob Lauf at amazing low price. 146014879 LC. Molly Tyler FCC Blooms most Christmas parties. Cross of LC Mrs WN Elkins ( L. purpurata X C. bowringiana) X C. Leda ( C. percivaliana X C dowiana) Awarded before clonal names in 1937!! Still a FCC flower as far as I am concerned. 146014880 LC Molly Tyler Natural light in above photo, flash in this. 146014881 BLC Morning Song "Crownfox" AM/AOS RF Orchids 146014882 Rhynchostylis coelestis 148036622 Cattleya walkerinter cross of C. walkeriana X C. intermedia, both coerulea forms 148039759 Encyclia davidhuntii 148039760 Epidendrum roseoscriptum 148039761 Dendrobium wassellii mini, terete growths 148040473 SLC Crystelle Smith "Aileen" 148040474 Brassia caudata "JEM" true miniature Brassia 148040475 Den. aggregatum 148497377 Stenosarcus recurvatus 7 mm flower 148497378 148497379 Stenosarcus recurvatus micro mini 148497380 148497381 Stenorrhynchus Vanguard "Fireball" 148497382 S. Vanguard "Fireball" Nice terrestrial 148497383